Here at Littlefoot and Company we’ve been busy planning and organising our community garden. We are hopeful to have it up and running in the South East in the early months of next year with its construction to start in Feb 2018.


• Access to knowledge about growing your own food as well as healthy and sustainable eating habits.

• Access to fresh food.

• Free weekly classes/ workshops.

• A place that promotes environmental and sustainable living.

• A safe, friendly space within the community.

• A space that will encourage art, through interactive art displays and classes.

• A professional team including a horticulturalist, chef, early childhood educator, environmental and sustainable advisor, a carpenter, artists and the extended Littlefoot and Co. community.

• A space for people to connect, have fun, learn and grow.


The Littlefoot and Co. community garden would like to run free classes/workshops once a week. With classes altering between three main classes.

- How to grow your own food.

- Cooking class/workshop

- Time in the garden (For kids)

There will be extra classes and events run from the garden including art classes, spoken word nights, music performances and more.

We will be hosting an Outdoor Cinema Night Jan 13th to promote and raise funds for our community garden. Come down and speak to our friendly team to learn more about what our garden will offer.


Coming out the South East of Melbourne, Littlefoot and Company provides a platform for poets, poetry slam performers, spoken word artists, writers, first time performers, musicians and storytellers to express themselves in a warm, unique and supportive environment.

These nights aim to inspire and assist growth. The give people a platform to be vulnerable and to be heard.

We facilitate a space for people to connect and have fun whilst also appreciating the spoken word art form.


Nov 9th – Spoken Word Night – Eightyone Berwick

2018 – Monthly Spoken Word Nights held at Bunjil Place

2018 Mid-year Casey Spoken Word Poetry Slam (schools across Casey) - Bunjil Place


During 2018 in collaboration with the Casey Council and Bunjil Place, Littlefoot & Company will begin to run spoken word workshops for youth aged 13-18. Workshops will be coordinated with local council and will aim to be operating 1-2 times per week in accordance with the school terms. With the workshops culminating in a Mid-year Casey Spoken Word Poetry Slam (schools across Casey) to be held at Bunjil Place.

Workshops will focus on:

• Creative expression

• Mental health and well being

• Anxiety coping mechanisms

• Youth engagement

• Public speaking/self confidence

• Community involvement

• A safe, comfortable and supportive space

• Allowing students to have a platform to express themselves and to be heard

• Writing skills

• Provide opportunities for further spoken word pursuits

More information coming soon.


The Littlefoot and Co. team and community is made up of artists and we know the importance of being able to express yourself artistically.

We know that not everyone has the space to engage in art or has the access to art supplies and art knowledge. So we will be creating an art space within the community.

This art space will be run once a week by our team and professional artists. (Beginning Jan/Feb 2018)


• Encourages people to engage in art

• Creates a friendly, warm and therapeutic space for people in the community

• Access to art supplies

• Access to artists and artists with art therapy knowledge

• Engaging in art promotes good mental health

Along with this weekly art space, we will also be running free art classes once to twice a month.


• Access to knowledge about art (Including art styles, mediums and art history)

• Art therapy activities encouraging good mental health

• To make art accessible to everyone

• Give people greater skills with art to allow them to express themselves more fluently.


Littlefoot and Company have been running conversation parties since we started our company a couple of years ago. A conversation party is a small gathering of people, where everyone attending writes down a question and places it in a jar. Then sitting in a circle, questions are read out one at a time, with everyone having the opportunity to answer those questions.

These nights always encourage deep and meaningful conversations. It allows people to connect with friends and engage with people they may not know yet. These nights leave people feeling inspired and motivated. New friendships are developed and it’s a space to learn and express yourself. Exploring our differences, similarities and generating a greater understanding of each other.

We will be extending this idea further into the community in 2018 by running different conversation spaces.

Conversation Bar

• Turning local bars, beginning at Eightyone in Berwick (January 2018) into conversation spaces.

• Allowing people to engage in deep and meaningful conversation.

• Breaks down social barriers and social anxiety

• Allows people to form new friendships and connections.

Conversation Party Event (August)

• Much like the conversation bar but on a larger scale.

• To continue to spread the conversation into different social media platforms. Filming the event and displaying it online.

Conversation Spaces in High Schools (Starting March)

• To take the format of a conversation party and running them as school workshops.

• Will allow students to think deeply about different topics and questions. Such as:

What positive impact would you like to have on the world around you? What worries you the most?

• Allows students to open up and connect with their peers.

• Creating a safe space for students to engage and to encourage ongoing supportive friendships and relationships.


Littlefoot and Co. will be running board game events, spaces and a board game youth group.

Board games are a passion that the people in our committee share and we know first hand the benefits that playing board games can bring.


• Board games are a way for people to interact, socialise and have fun.

• Improves social skills and builds self-esteem while interacting with people in a positive way

• Encourages good mental health. Play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

• A different way for people to meet and connect.

• Board games are fun!

We will be holding a board game café November 5th at Café Karma in Berwick. Come down to learn some new games and make some new friends.

More information on our youth group coming soon.